In this day and age, it’s important to make every penny go as far as possible. This is why we think recycling your household metal, which you don’t need anymore, could be the financial helping hand you need in the run up to Christmas. You could be sitting on a pretty penny without even noticing – and it all adds up! What’s more, recycling the things you no longer need are much better for the environment – why not give your pressure cooker a whole new lease of life!


Whether it’s the beloved car you learnt to drive in that you’ve now outgrown, or a car that has done its duty for the family, we specialise in the recycling of End of Life Vehicles with the environment firmly in mind.

Household Appliances

Replacing your microwave? From your small household appliances to the big ones, if they’ve come to the end of their life, we can take them off your hands to recycle properly. This offers them a new lease of life and puts a little something in your pocket you can put towards a new one!

Drinks Cans

Why not set the kids a challenge? Instead of sending the cans out in your recycling, try and collect as many as you can before bringing them down to be recycled from here! Aluminium can be melted down and recycled over and over again, so keep them coming!

Copper and Brass Plumbing

Ripping out a bathroom that’s been in the house for ages? Copper pipes, Brass taps etc can quickly mount up into a fair amount. Here at Henry Orchard and Sons we can swap your old copper and brass for money into your account before it gets recycled and reused in an environmentally friendly way! Using recycled metals takes a lot less energy than producing new, and in fact, most copper and brass products in the UK are made from almost 100% scrapped metal.

Car Batteries

Had to replace just your car battery? If you’re not looking to scrap your whole car, just the battery, we can help! Bring us your car battery and we’ll help you recycle it properly with the least impact on the environment.

Planes, ships and trains

Yes, you read that right! Whilst we recycle lots of everyday household items, we can also efficiently recycle huge, traditionally tricky things too! If you’ve got something a bit out of the ordinary, give us a call and see how we can help!