A CORNISH business owner is encouraging companies to get involved with Clean Cornwall Week.

Henry Orchard, Managing Director of Henry Orchard and Sons believes that businesses can do their bit to reduce litter across the county by encouraging their employees to think about how their waste is disposed of:

“Obviously as a metal recycling company we see first hand just what gets dumped around our county.

“A surprising amount of this can be recycled which saves vital resources whilst at the same time reducing the amount of rubbish in our countryside.”

Henry took to the skies in 2013 to spot fly tipping sites for Clean Cornwall Week

Clean Cornwall Week happens twice a year across the county, with the next one taking place between Saturday September 13 and Sunday September 21.

The event sees armies of volunteers getting together to clear rubbish in their local areas, streets, woodland, beaches and towns.

“Many companies get involved every year.” Added Henry, “But for 2014 we would really like to see every Cornish business encouraging their staff to get involved with the project.

“Obviously getting out with bags and pickers is a great way to team build, but we would also like businesses to encourage staff to think about how they recycle their waste both at home and in the workplace.”

In 2013 the Scrap Metal Dealers act meant that all scrap metal must be disposed of through a licenced operator, by law. Unlike many in the industry Henry doesn’t see this as a bad move:

“Purely from an environmental point of view, the fact that scrap metal dealers now have to be licenced means metal is being dismantled and processed by reputable companies.

“It’s too early to see the full impact of this, but anecdotally we are noticing a decrease in associated fly tipping which is great news for Cornwall.”