Spanning three generations and 73 years of trading, Henry Orchard and Sons has established itself as a trusted and essential business in the heart of the Cornish community.

The company was founded in 1946 by ex-policeman Henry, who aimed to address the shortage of metal after the war. Being able to source scrap metal and recycle it for a new use was pivotal to the effort to rebuild the surrounding community in the years that followed. This practice evolved over the years, building momentum, going from pushing lorries up the Cornish hills (such was their lack of power!) to now being able to effortlessly dismantle ships and planes.

Henry Orchard and Sons remains a family business to this day – with the third generation of Orchards now running the show. The core family values are intrinsically entwined in the foundations of the company, extending to every customer that arrives at their door. It’s this ethos that has built an inherent trust within the wider community and established essential core business relationships that have transcended the generations.

The family values are a stable constant but much has changed in the 73 years of trading. The endeavour for constant improvement is obvious and has become part of the brand. With its carbon footprint improving year on year and environmental standards under constant self-scrutiny, the team aims to be Cornwall’s most responsible recycling company. Awarded its first British Standard for quality in 1994 that quickly expanded to also being awarded the Environmental and Health and Safety Standard. It’s this constant desire for improvement that keeps Henry Orchard and Sons at the top of its game.