A metal recycler from St Austell has found what could be a Faberge Egg.

The battered looking object was spotted by a member of staff at Henry Orchard and Sons whilst hand sorting smaller items.

If the Egg is a Faberge it could be worth millions.

“We thought that there was something special about it when John showed us.” said managing director, Henry Orchard.

“If this turns out to be a genuine Faberge then it could worth millions.

“What will remain a mystery is how it ended up in St Austell.

“I would be really interested contact the original owner because I don’t think they realise what they have thrown away.

“It wouldn’t be ethical to keep it under such circumstances so if it can be reunited with the owner that would be great.”

The egg has been sent to experts in Russia to establish if it is the genuine article, if it is it would be the second such find in recent months, the last one being valued at £20 million.