Henry Orchard & Sons

Cornwall’s leading independent scrap processing merchant based at Methrose Works in St Austell.


We clear all waste metals and take them to our recycling site here in Cornwall.

2. What you get...

Using our state of the art machinery, we recalculate exactly what your metal is worth

3. Payment & Recycle

After making payment we then proceed to recycle all that is possible here on site.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Henry Orchard and Sons have been helping protect the environment through sustainable recycling for over seventy years. Quite simply, we aim to be Cornwall’s most responsible recycling company.

We have the people and the skills to handle any type of metal. But, more importantly, we have the expertise to help our customers with practical advice, no matter what their background.

Clients include governmental organisations, local businesses and individuals. All receive the same level of personal care and attention that our business was founded on.

From ships, cars and planes to copper, steel, aluminium, brass and iron, Henry Orchard and Sons can help you ensure your waste is disposed of safely, effectively and economically.

Do you require scrap processing?

Est. 1947

Our family business has spanned three generations, and continues to provide our customers with the best metal reclamation and recycling solutions with excellent returns.