Domestic Recycling

At Henry Orchard and Sons, we are able to recycle most domestic metals

End of Life Vehicles

We focus on recycling vehicles that have reached the end of their lives, with the environment firmly in mind.

Specialist depollution equipment means we can dispose of vehicles on behalf of the public, breakers, repairers and others, issuing each with a DVLA Certificate of Destruction.

And it doesn’t stop at cars and vans. We can disassemble ships, planes and trains. There is nobody in Cornwall with the same breadth of experience as us.

Other metals

Recycling is the most responsible option, both for the planet and your finances.

At Henry Orchard and Sons, we’re well equipped to deal with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals – greatly reducing the impact manufacturing can have on the environment.

Sending your scrap to us greatly reduces the scale of carbon dioxide emissions involved in manufacturing new iron. Similarly, the work that we do ensures that even brand new stainless steel contains an average of 60% recycled material.

If you are clearing out your garden or garage, we can take different grades of copper pipe, brass taps, aluminium, lead or even car batteries.

We don’t apply any charges for making payments.

Call us on 01726 850507 and we will be happy to chat through your requirements.