It’s not what we recycle, it’s the way that we do it.

The way we recycle is what makes Henry Orchard and Sons different. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, offering skips, ROROs, stillages and lorry collection services.

We have worked on plenty of large scale commercial projects and have tackled aircrafts, ships, cars and commercial vehicles in
our time.

Our experienced staff have the skills and knowledge required for any project, big or small and all the metal we assess can be instantly analysed, meaning we will know the precise components suitable for recycling.

Our specialist onsite equipment includes cranes of up to fifty tonnes, balers and forklift trucks. We also have Trading Standards calibrated public weighbridges, ensuring an accurate measurement first time, every time.

Recalled Products and Proprietary Equipment

Protect your trade secrets, proprietary technology and business interests with our services.  We always destroy and recycle the items you dispose of with us.  We do not salvage any parts or complete items for resale on the open market.  We do not engage in sales via eBay or similar channels. We offer secure, compliant and environmentally responsible disposal of all items entrusted to us by you.

Professional accreditations and qualifications

Waste Transfer Notes and Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes issued for all collections

Calibrated scales and registered Public Weighbridges

Variety of vehicle types offering small to major material movements

Environmental waste consultancy

Fully licensed and accredited with three British Standards – Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety

Audit trail

We provide complete documentation to authenticate the sale, from cradle to grave.

Highly trained colleagues

Our colleagues are highly trained and provide an efficient and professional service.

Business rates applied

Turn your scrap metal into money when you bring it to us.

Family run

Henry Orchard and Sons is a family run business spanning three generations since 1947.

Ferrous Metals

At Henry Orchard and Sons we create you an income from your waste iron and steel. Trusted with thousands of tonnes of scrap through our plant each year, we are renowned for our excellent service.

Sending your scrap to us greatly reduces the scale of carbon dioxide emissions involved in manufacturing new iron. Similarly, the work that we do ensures that even brand new stainless steel contains an average of 60% recycled material.

By using recycled materials rather than mined ore, you can improve your bottom line.

Non Ferrous Metals

Our facilities also allow us to process and recycle your non-ferrous metals, including copper, brass, lead, aluminium and stainless steel.

Testament to our efficient and sustainable service are the number of repeat customers who work in partnership with us to protect the Cornish environment.

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

Electrical and electronic equipment must be processed by an authorised treatment facility in order to comply with legal standards. This is due to the complex nature of modern equipment.

If you are looking for a disposal route for WEEE and need advice you can contact Henry Orchard and Sons and we will be happy to help.

Factory skip and collection service

We offer a range of services including maintenance, refurbishment projects, factory clearance and site demolitions.

Feel free to contact the team and we will gladly talk you through our process.

Call 01726 850507 or email us at to book a skip now.

We have skips of various capacities

Size is important and sometimes you don’t know what skip size you need. If you are looking to hire a skip for commercial use we have a variety of vehicle types offering small to major material movements

8 Yard Skip

Similar to a builders size skip, perfect for smaller quantities of heavy metals

Height: 1.22 metres | 4 feet

Length: 3.66 metres | 12 feet

Width: 1.68 metres | 5 feet 6 inches

12 Yard Skip

Similar to an 8 yard skip, but for slightly larger metals

Height: 1.68 metres | 5 feet 6 inches

Length: 3.7 metres | 2 feet 2 inches

Width: 1.78 metres | 5 feet 10 inches

20 Yard Skip

For large, heavy material

Height: 1.3 metres | 4 feet 3 inches

Length: 6.1 metres | 20 feet

Width: 2.4 metres | 7 feet 9 inches

40 Yard Skip

Works well for large quantities of light waste materials

Height: 2.51 metres | 8 feet 2 inches

Length: 6.1 metres | 20 feet

Width: 2.4 metres | 7 feet 9 inches